Martin Bažík

Martin Bažík

I am Martin Bažík, full-stack developer from Bratislava, Slovakia. I have more than 15 years of experience with web development using PHP and JavaScript, with React.js more than 8 years.

Currently I develop frontends in React.js and TypeScript, backends in Go, but also have rich experience with designing and developing backend systems in other languages and frameworks such as GO(lang), PHP, Node.js, Nette, Symfony and others.

Most of my roles were of Lead developer, tech lead, tech designer and architect and also team lead of upto 10 people teams.

I follow current trends in web development and actively search for new technologies and practices that can help me build better applications and become a better developer.



React.js, Go, PHP, Symfony


React.js, PHP, Nette, Go, Docker, AWS, RabbitMQ, MySql, MongoDb


React.js, Google Maps API


PHP, Nette, MySql


PHP, Nette, RabbitMQ


PHP, Nette, RabbitMQ

Work Experience

2021 - present

IT Director, co-CTO- Eyeball

Responsible for web app architecture, quality, development processes and feature development management and delivery. Leading a team of backend & frontend developers, designers, testers - managing workload, code reviews, support, mentoring and teaching. AWS Services configuration, CI/CD configuration. Docker, PHP, Symfony, React, Typescript, MySQL, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, RDS, Aurora,, Gitlab

2020 - present

Co-founder, CTO - Web & Backend- UložDoklad

Scan QR code from cash receipts and have overview of your expenses. React.js on frontend and Go(lang) on backend. Runs in Google cloud. Landing page made using Next.js, web app uses React, Redux Toolkit. Setup GCP App Engine, Cloud Build, Cloud Run. Bitbucket pipelines and GitHub actions.

Team leader- Macys

Leading a team of javascript developers working on bridgin native mobile apps with js and react embedded views. Typescript, React, Capacitor, Electron

Team leader- Merck

Working with a team to deliver publishing platform bult with React. React, AWS Lambdas, Node.js

Apr 2021 - Dec 2021

Team leader- Allied Irish Banks

Leading a team of React.js developers working on mortgage calculator for bank employees. Introduced typescript and other code quality tools to the codebase, worked on user stories. Project successfully shipped. React, Redux, Formik, Typescript, Ramda

Oct 2020 - Apr 2021

Team leader- Carvago/TEAS

Leading a team of React.js developers working on service part of new TEAS DMS. Taking part in architectural decisions. Next.js, redux-toolkit, saga.

Jun 2018 - May 2020

React.js developer/architect- GotCourts Ltd.

React.js and some Go(lang) and PHP. Remade player facing web app from scratch. Lead developer and architect. React.js, redux, rx.js, websockets. AWS Lamda & Go microservices, sqs, sns, docker setup for backend.

Nov 2013 - Jun 2018

Deputy CTO, Web architect & leadeveloper- Billdu Ltd.

Leading invoicing SaaS. Architect, Tech & Team lead. Tech design and development of online web app and supporting services. 2 people team. Worked on main webapp, API, created many supporting services such as logs processing, newsletter system, mailing system, build pipeline for Docker, mobile notifications server, all in Go(lang) and React.js. AWS and Docker setup for EC2, IAM, secrets management, S3 etc. React.js, websockets, PHP, Nette, Doctrine2, Symfony components, Go(lang), RabbitMQ, MySQL, MongoDb, Docker

Oct 2013 - present

Owner- BAZIK, s.r.o.

Web projects development and consultations for various clients. Building web apps with React.js and APIs using Go(lang), PHP and node.js on backend.

2017 - 2017

Lead developer- Traveldata, s.r.o.

Consultancy, Leading a team of PHP developers to finish a CMS project for travel agencies. PHP, Nette, MySQL

2016 - 2017

React developer- Commander Systems, s.r.o.

Consultancy, Implementation of route planning for existing app in React.js

2015 - 2015

Project developer

School social network, React.js, websockets, PHP, Nette, OrientDb

2014 - 2014

Project developer- Trophy 14

Sports social network, React.js, websockets, PHP, Nette, Neo4J db, MongoDb

2013 - 2014

Project developer

Golf school information system, Client zone, Presentational website, API. PHP, Nette, MySQL, JS

May 2013 - Nov 2013

Web developer- dotBlue

Real-time JS and backend development, refactoring of code, bringing new features to clients, making their apps more performant, realtime features integration. PHP, Nette, JS.

Oct 2012 - Apr 2013

Lead Web Developer- website. Architect, Tech & Team lead, 7 people team. PHP, Nette, MySQL, ZeroMQ, JS.

Sep 2011 - Nov 2012

Lead Web Developer / User Experience Expert- social network. Architect, Tech & Team lead. PHP, Nette, MongoDb, RabbitMQ, realtime JS.

Apr 2010 - Aug 2011

IT Division Head-

Intranet system. Architect, Tech & Team lead, 5 people remote team. PHP, Nette, MySQL, RabbitMQ, realtime JS,.


2010 - 2012

Aalborg University, Humanistic Informatics

Human computer interaction studies, designed a publishing system for journalists in the field created an information system for a printing company

2005 - 2010

Master, Comenius University, Faculty of Management

Bachelor studies in General Management, Master degree in Informations Systems Management

2009 - 2009

University West Trollhättan

Erasmus program, management, human computer interaction, data warehousing

2001 - 2005

Gymnázium Jura Hronca (grammar school)

Informatics specialization

My Tech Stack

Css 3
Google Cloud
Visual Studio Code